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Reading Comprehension - Czytanie ze zrozumieniem

Family | A2 | Reading Comprehension - Czytanie ze zrozumieniem

Reading a2 czytanie ze zrozumieniem family

Level: A2 

Title: Meet the Johnsons


Welcome to this reading comprehension (czytanie ze zrozumieniem) task about a family. In this activity, you'll read about a family and the roles family members play. Let's get started!

Meet the Johnsons

The Johnson family consists of four members: Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, their son Jake, and their daughter Lily. They live in a cozy house in a quiet neighborhood. Mr. Johnson works as a teacher, and Mrs. Johnson is a nurse. Jake is a high school student, and Lily is in elementary school.

Mr. Johnson is a caring father who enjoys spending time with his children. He often helps Jake with his homework and takes Lily to the park on weekends. 

Mrs. Johnson is a loving mother who cooks delicious meals for the family. She also makes sure everyone is healthy and happy. Every morning she helps her children get ready for the day by preparing their lunch for them. 

Jake is a responsible older brother who looks out for Lily. He helps her with her school projects and teaches her how to ride a bike. Lily admires her big brother and loves playing games with him.

The Johnsons are a close-knit family who support and help each other. They enjoy going on family vacations and celebrating special occasions together. Family is important to them, and they cherish the time they spend together.

Task 1. Answer the comprehension questions:

  1. How many members are there in the Johnson family?

    1. four people and a cat 

    2. two

    3. three

    4. four

  2. What are Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Johnson's occupations?

    1. He’s a teacher and she’s a nurse

    2. They are both teachers 

    3. Mr. Johnson is a stay-at-home father and Mrs. Johnson is nurse 

    4. Mr. Johnson is a teacher, and his wife is a cook 

  3. How does Mr. Johnson help his children?

    1. He cooks for them

    2. He helps them with their school projects 

    3. He helps his older son with the homework and takes his daughter for a walk 

    4. He takes them on vacations 

  4. What does Mrs. Johnson do for the family

    1. She helps her children with the homework 

    2. She makes lunch for her kids 

    3. She plays games with the kids 

    4. She celebrates special occasions with them 

  5. How does Jake show his love for his sister, Lily?

    1. He teaches her how to cook a tasty lunch 

    2. He plays games with her and helps her with school projects

    3. He does her homework for her 

    4. He gives her some admiration 

Task 2. Answer the questions about your family:

  1. How many members are there in your family?

  2. Do you have any siblings? Do you get on well with them? 

  3. Do you live together with your family now? Why / Why not. 

  4. Tell me about your childhood. Did you often travel with your family when you were kids? 

  5. What is your favourite family holiday? 


  • Cozy - przytulny

  • Neighborhood - dzielnica 

  • make sure - upewnić się, dopilnować 

  • look out for sb - dbać o kogoś 

  • Caring - opiekuńczy 

  • Responsible - odpowiedzialny 

  • Cherish - cenić 


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